About Us

OUR MISSION: is to cater to the mind-speak, dark humor & emotionless emotion of the military mind in an effort to help bridge communications between civilian & military family members. TAG LINE: #SENDIT

We will be authentic and purposeful.
We will support Veteran causes.
We will create jobs and be an artistic outlet for many who seek to be part of something bigger than themselves.

We are a different greeting card company. We push the boundaries of good taste, we cry, we laugh, and we respect the hell out of everyone who has served in the Armed Forces of these United States.

The Backstory: It all started back around 1991. I just did not yet know it. My Brother, a combat medic in the 82nd, was fighting the first Gulf War. Upon his return, he was different. I could not quite put my finger on how or why, it just "was" what it was. 

As days went by, couldn't help but to notice that the little things no longer meant as much. Something as simple as a greeting card went from having a meaningful connection, to more of a cordial acceptance. Yes, the thought of someone thinking enough to send a card was appreciated, it just didn't connect.

Over time, I learned the mind of a Veteran is just wired different. Whether it be from boot camp or combat, they view the world in an entirely different light. Experiences, that only a veteran understands, shapes their minds. Experiences I will never fully understand, but I appreciate beyond words.

Fast forward.

I wanted to find a way to help bridge communications between a civilian (like me) and military minds (like my brother). Overwatch Greeting Cards Co. literally came to me in a dream one night. The next day I began researching cards for the military market... I was quite shocked by the opportunity to make a meaningful difference. In 2021 Overwatch Greeting Card Company was born.